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Self-enjoyment  and  Fun

An Ideology about Life, Fitness, Fun, Education, and Mental Health
with personal experiences and advice about all of the above.

Caution: "Blackinout" is a part of the ideology and does not encourage alcoholism. It is a play on words; a splash of comedic relief. It does not encourage binge drinking or blacking out. It is a comedic play on words and part of my ideology.

Tim GarciaPowerlifter

Great Philosophy - a game changer! Helps me find the balance that I need!

A little fun is always healthy, T-Shirts are dope and comfortable!. - Thank you 

Raf Garcia:        Elite S/C Powerlifter, instagram @raf_g__
David Glazer, Elite S/C Powerlifter, instagram @glazerpowerlifting

This tied it all together for me. Highly recommended that these articles are read. Very comfortable Gildan material as well.

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