MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC; Annual Package Deal


MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC; Annual Package Deal

$400.00 $295.00


MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Package Deals

Yearly MONBO Package – $400


  1. My Personal Phone Number and Email for Contact
  2. A follow from my instagram @maxinoutandblackinout with the potential to have your lifting videos or modeling photos posted/previewed.
  3. MONBO Gear / Products of Your size of any merchandise produced in the entire year – one of every single one of my shirts with FREE shipping/handling plus USPS 2-day Priority mail.
  4. Generalized Free 24/7 Lifting Advice
  5. Free 24/7 Powerlifting Coaching or Online Personal Training coaching and programming.
  6. Nutrition Advice and Diet Coaching/programming.
  7. 24/7 Mental Health Consultant Aid Hotline; Talk to me if you need me.
  8. Access to Private Phone calls
  9. Access to receiving hidden and unreleased articles, or early peeks at articles that are in the making.
  10. You Get shoutouts on the website regarding modeling my clothes or regarding anyone’s business ventures and ideas.
  11. Any Additional Shirt Purchase beyond what is provided in the within the package will be 25% off.
  12. You gain the eligibility to submit an article to me for review, and then I may potentially post it on the website.
  13. If local; you get to train with me / have a session at my home gym once a week.
  14. The opportunity to Join the Monbo crew in assisting me develop the business as a paid-associate. No current salary is yet definable.
  15. Eligibility for anyone or any athletic sports team/athlete to be sponsored by MONBO. Sponsorships includes consistent shoutouts and discount codes.
  16. Copies Multiple CDs/Audio of me speaking throughout my mental health articles and experiences.
  17. Eligibility to continuously have lifting video’s of you on the page if sponsored; or wear enough MONBO shirts while impressively lifting, and you shall receive recognition on the instagram account.
  18. A full blown 5 page paper on Lifting information regarding my opinion supplements and their effects, efficiency, and pricing (in addition to showing the best websites to order products or programs from, or references to books articles, or you tubers for excessive knowledge). This will delve extremely deep into supplements, micronutrients and macronutrients, their biological effect, and whether the supplements work efficiently enough for the cost. Supplements that have worked for me will be recommend. AND the first five purchases get FREE tubs of 3-5lbs of Whey.
  19. You get to work with me to design a batch of a dozen specialized Maxinoutnblackinout, MnB, or MONBO logo shirts.
  20. Lastly, You get ONE special Monbo shirt that can personally design, so that it is special and only owned by you.


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