My Best Lifts

275 from the other day #powerlifting #gains #sbd #bench #163

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1200 total finally skuuuuurt. After months and months of grinding i finally surpassed my previous comp dl of 500 and hit 510 today, which changed my total from 1190->1200 (also hit 160 muscle snatch today and ironically also nailed a 420 squat on sunday). This was a 10# pr and Words cant describe how pumped i am as i felt like i had a little left in me, possibly 5-10bs. I Cant wait to get stronger back w the great benches and dl bars at @elitestrengthandconditioning w @glazerpowerlifting @raf_cmc_ @thetimmeej and the rest of the elite crew. And Sorry to the old ladys who hate my noise at the ts haha #gains #powerlifting #sbd #squat #bench #deadlift #weghtlifting #snatch #420blazeit #rps #uspl #165 @xavilai @bergalicious_74kg @alex.m3 @tommyroel

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These are some of my best lifts

  1. 275 bench
  2. 510 Deadlift
  3. 300lb bench with yellow slingshot
  4. And a easy 410lb Squat
  5. BW:165

-tommy roel

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