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Self-enjoyment  and  Fun

An Ideology about Life, Fitness, Fun, Education, and Mental Health
with personal experiences and advice about all of the above.

Caution: "Blackinout" is a part of the ideology and does not encourage alcoholism. It is a play on words; a splash of comedic relief. It does not encourage binge drinking or blacking out. It is a comedic play on words and part of my ideology.

Tim GarciaPowerlifter

Great Philosophy - a game changer! Helps me find the balance that I need!

A little fun is always healthy, T-Shirts are dope and comfortable!. - Thank you 

Raf Garcia:        Elite S/C Powerlifter, instagram @raf_g__
David Glazer, Elite S/C Powerlifter, instagram @glazerpowerlifting

This tied it all together for me. Highly recommended that these articles are read. Very comfortable Gildan material as well.

The Memoir I wrote Is FINALLY FINISHED
"Depression fucking Sucks, Doesn't It ? : The Confessions and Addictions of a Walking Disaster is finished! It is ready[...]
Update on Memoir
My autobiographical memoir on my life and mental health is completed and we are in the process of publishing it[...]
Announcement: New shorts are in for purchase!
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“Depression Fucking Sucks, Doesn’t It? ; The Confessions and Addictions of a Walking Disaster” – Finished
I finally finished my autobiographical memoir on my journey with mental health. I'm working on figuring how to publish it,[...]
It Is Mental Health Awareness Month
It is Mental Health Awareness Month, as many know, So I wanted to post something before the month was over.[...]
Monbo.us is now up and Running!
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Lunatic People say I’m crazy, that I’m nuts. And you know what? They’re right. I’m crazy, I’m nuts, I’m a[...]
“What It’s Like to Lose Love”
Tommy Roel 4) “What Is Love?” / “What It Feels Like To Lose Love.” What’s Love? What exactly is it?[...]
“What It Feels like to be Depressed” – By Tommy Roel
  "What It Feels Like to Be Depressed"   Jesus, man. Where Do I. start. Being depressed isn’t a feeling[...]
What Is Love?
What’s Love? What exactly is it? We tell each other we love each other all the time. People fall in[...]
Suggested Supplements and their supplemental effect, Foods, Techniques and Compression For; Bone, Joint, Ligament, and Other Pain
I am diagnosed with Shin Splints and Osgood Shclatters (its where the ligament frequently unattached from itself during running; the[...]
Happy MLK J.R Day!
This is quick excerpt. Happy Martin Luther King J.R day (God rest his soul) to everybody out there. I idolize[...]
Why the “Joker” is an underlaying message for Mental Health
This is off topic, but I want to use Arther Fleck, A.K.A the Joker, as an example as to what[...]
Goodbye 2020
I have dealt with many, many issues this year, but I'm getting back on my feet. I've worked hard and[...]
Quick Announcement! New Clothes available: Roel Resources and Cove Strong, and my Book’s Has Been Being worked
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Why I wanted To Die -A Soundcloud short story
Link Below This is my personal life, but I want people to know I'm not afraid to show it. https://soundcloud.com/thomas-roel/why-i-wanted-to-die-tommys-short-story