The Lifestyle – Pictures of The MONBO Community

Send pictures of yourself Maxinout or blackinout’ in my clothes and you’ll get featured on the this page! 

 Shout out to my boy Dave Glazer on Reppin’ for me! Met him on my 19th birthday.

 Shout out to the homie Chris Byno for being my first ever t-shirt sale!

 Shout out to my twin brother Jimmy and my day one homie Jake Ledet for supporting me and helping me with ideas!

 Shout out to the homie Hunter Treibman on repping MONBO all the way up at Mizzou! *Maxin Out n Blackin Out hoodies are limited edition.

 S/O to they Day one Dom Puntasecca for and supporting me.

  S/O to the UT homies Olivia and Breann for repping the women’s tank tops!

  Shout out to my family friend Jamaal James for supporting the cause!

Shout out to one of my best friends Colleen Burke Thanks for repping Col!

shoutout to Jake Scheblein for maxinout and blackinout w us since day one, Thanks for repping

 Shoutout to my first friend ever, Stephan Herard, for repping MONBO.

 Shoutout again to Ash for repping @maxinoutandblackinout

 Shoutout to the homie Breann York for modeling for me in some MONBO gear. Much Love

 Shoutout to my homie Francesca Hoffman on repping! Much Love

This is Me, in the New Barbell Shirt and Shorts.
S/o To Jamaal again!
The New Yellow MONBO Suicide Prevention Shirt
1-800-273-8255 #Maxinoutnblackinout
Me in the introductory MONBO long sleeve hoodie.
Car Decals / Stickers Available in both original colors!
The Straight Outta Compton Edition plus the Maxinoutnblackinout trucker hat

S/o to my boy Brandon Leibowitz on repping the #MONBO Maxinoutnblackinout Car Decal. Check out his band 1 Ounce Slug

S/O to my boy Brandon Leibowitz and his band One Ounce Slug.

The following are old pictures from my brother Jimmy and I’s first USAPL competition in way way back 2015. The comeback will be one day, but for now, we are enjoying the one of working out and focusing on school and other ventures such as new clothing designs and articles.

Jimmy, my twin is spotting me here.
Just Focus and breath.
Sean Noriega is Spotting me too. Dude is a good guy and an insane powerlifter, seeing his evolution was crazy. It was an honor to meet him and have him spot me way back then. Wishing him the best.
I actually missed this; it was 500.5 lbs.
Preparing for a 451 deadlift
S/o to one of my day one best friends from Portledge, Mikey Berg. Hes an 5-hour energy ambassador and owns his company Miami Music Management which is for artists / producers. Also had the honor and fun to share rhe platform w Mikey and definitely will again soon. 

Back in 2017 when it all started. Small growth at a time, but I’m proud. Here’s to two years and many more. Fuck what everyone thinks and be you! Be #maxinoutnblackinout
New Logo MnB Beanies!
this was a Happy Fathers Day post to my dad, so S/o to my father for all the support

My Dad and I matching Shirts ! Check out his LLC Roel Resources! Love you Dad!

Me (on the left) spotting a guy squatting in my 2015 USAPL Competition. He was attempting around 500
Me and my Boy Matty T repping the new gear! Check out his music on Spotify and soundcloud – M10 is his artist name.

s/o the the homie Connor Sweeney for reppin’ the OG MONBO Decal sticker’d to his shirt, dope customization. Check his music out on Soundcloud ( High-C )

Check out my boys I have a Joint venture with and s/o to my very close friend Jad Stephanou from UTampa whom owns his own Italian Designer Brand from Florence, called ” J & R Artisan Designs.” It is available on, their site, and soon on here!

Me in the “Partum” J & R Artisan Design shirt, “Anger Watching over me”
available on , and on
J&R Artisan Designs x MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Shoe Collaboration; “The Club Firenze’s x MONBO Limited Edition / “
BUT their predominant site is

“Guns N’ Roses,” J&R Artisan Designs Shoes

J&R Artisan Designs “Disobey Summer 2020 Fleece,”.

The New “Arthur Fleck/ The Joker Shirts (I am going to begin producing, a few more versions) – first one is titled; “Arthur’s and Our Illness,”.

***My instagram for MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC is and my lifting account is @roel_powerlifting by the way, and I am available on Facebook; my page Is titled ” Maxin Out N Blackin Out ” ***

This was way back like 6 years ago, I had a membership at at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym; I regularly saw people like Maxx Charles, an IFBB Pro, and I saw Bev Francis herself (best woman bodybuilder to live) alongside with her husband, The owner to the gym, but the most awesome of all; I met Kai Greene there. I also regularly saw Sadic Hadsovic, and randomly and hilariously enough this happened; I appeared in the background of one of his youtube videos. hahaha. Across the street is a Lifetime gym, where once time I also saw Tobias Harris, the basketball player (University of Tennessee, then the Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, and now the Philadelphia 76ers). I let him be though, and minded my own business.

“Civilize the Mind But Make Savage the Body” – Siege Athletics and Noah Siegel (whom I have had the please meeting at Siege Athletics. This a great motivational quote and a great quote to train to.
Foot Prints

Here are Some Pictures of Me posing for J&R Artisan Designs whom I have a slight joint venture with.

J&R Artisan Designs’, “The Rebel Crew” / The MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC MnB White Beanie

s/o to my boy Brett

S/o to the Homie Vlad
Monbo Mugs!
“Monbo x Club Fireenze J&R Artisan Designs Collaboration”
MY boy Danny Sullaway for life!

s/o to Brett Rotherbeg, my Utampa in PiKap/Garden City Homie

S/0. to one of my closest friends from Tampa, Bria Brackett!
shout out my brother Shaquille Thompson, my day 1 middle school Homie check his instagram @robothighway ; is a rapper, producer, model, and works in filmography, owns a small studio, and works with photography too! Proud to have him on the team!
Some of the new Gear!

Nick Murphy, one of our Ambassadors and my homie from Utampa.
S/o Lily Bradshaw ( my close friend <3 UT friend and UT graduate and Model Model)
My boy Levi from Tampa!
My close homie D.J Crockett from Missouri, USF, and Tampa

My Cousin Chris! Love you man!

*Fuck Cancer Shirts Coming Soon*

S/o of the day 1 homie Kaylynn DeLaurie