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New Shirts are arriving!

New shirts are coming in! Also some OG logo shirts and 2 flags are being produced. Flag colors will consist of the traditional black/yellow/blue color-way. More Women’s pink tank tops are now available s-l. Pocket T’s with the logo on the back are arriving in white and black, and a new Daisy Yellow shirt is being launched alongside with a limited edition Fourth of July Stars and Stripes color-way logo shirt are coming in. Here is additional information and the pictures if the new color-way


1.25 Women’s Light Pink Tank Tops  – 10 s, 10 M, 5 L
2. 10 Original Logo Shirts – 5 Large White (red black logo), 5 Large Black (yellow, blue logo)
3. 10 New color scheme – Yellow shirt, maxinout = teal, blackinout= black, N= gray; regarding the color way for logo)
4. 25 pocket T shirts: White and black pocket T’s with the Logo’s on the pocket: Ex. Black T with regular yellow/blue logo on it, white pocket t  with red black logo color way) 10 M White and Black, 10 White and Black L, 3 xl, 2 xxl
 5. 15 White Tee’s with the logo in an American flag stripes and stars color way filling in around the red lettering. 15 m 15 L

Razor Blades

Razors Blades

The world feels like a room full of razorblades and no matter where you move or walk, you’ll get cut

And thats what anxiety is like, the world is the room and we’re in the center with all the razor blades around us and we just are scared of life and moving forward because we are scared we are going to get cut and hurt or that we might even get so hurt where bleed out.

So we stay stagnant and sit in our spot not moving so that we don’t get cut by the razors, we don’t get hurt. But how can we feel anything if we don’t move? Finally, the fear of the blades and anxiety becomes too much, so we need to move.

But instead of making an incision in order to end it all, I realize that I cannot end it, so I realize I must fight the razors. I put my head down, and I move forward towards the door. Despite all the pain from the razors and anxiety, I move. And finally I think, I’ve made it out the door. I have plenty of scars and cuts and wounds. But here I am. Outside.

Surviving SAFTB: Surviving Saturdays While Keeping Your Gains

We all know what SAFTB is; it is BarStool’s representation for “Saturday’s is For The Boys,” which essentially created Saturday as another holiday as it now allows us an excuse to get obnoxiously fucked up at any time of the day on any given Saturday because, simply put, as BarStool said, Saturday is for the boys. Now I Take this aspect into full effect for my blackinout’ portion of my ideology. However, I still need to keep my gains while paying my weekly respect to my new favorite holiday.

So, here are some tip’s I have for your Saturday so you can keep your gains, but still celebrate the wonderful festivities of a rowdy SATFB day.

Friday: Don’t overdue it on your Friday nights. Take it easy, don’t drink as much so you won’t be too hungover for SATFB. Hydrate the night before and lift the night before so your body is ready to take on the endeavor of limitless amounts Natty Lights and Tiwsted Teas.

Saturday Preparation: Wake up and drink up to like 3-5 water bottles: (17 fluid oz), or have Gatorade of something of the likes. If you plan on lifting, wake up early and get your lift on quick and get that protein in and give yourself at least, Eh, forty five minutes to an hour, then you’re good to go! Thats what has worked for me and I have seen work for people

Sunday: If you are mobile, you know what to do. RECOVER.