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Surviving SAFTB: Surviving Saturdays While Keeping Your Gains

We all know what SAFTB is; it is BarStool’s representation for “Saturday’s is For The Boys,” which essentially created Saturday as another holiday as it now allows us an excuse to get obnoxiously fucked up at any time of the day on any given Saturday because, simply put, as BarStool said, Saturday is for the boys. Now I Take this aspect into full effect for my blackinout’ portion of my ideology. However, I still need to keep my gains while paying my weekly respect to my new favorite holiday.

So, here are some tip’s I have for your Saturday so you can keep your gains, but still celebrate the wonderful festivities of a rowdy SATFB day.

Friday: Don’t overdue it on your Friday nights. Take it easy, don’t drink as much so you won’t be too hungover for SATFB. Hydrate the night before and lift the night before so your body is ready to take on the endeavor of limitless amounts Natty Lights and Tiwsted Teas.

Saturday Preparation: Wake up and drink up to like 3-5 water bottles: (17 fluid oz), or have Gatorade of something of the likes. If you plan on lifting, wake up early and get your lift on quick and get that protein in and give yourself at least, Eh, forty five minutes to an hour, then you’re good to go! Thats what has worked for me and I have seen work for people

Sunday: If you are mobile, you know what to do. RECOVER.


A Partying Athlete/Lifters Guide to Specific Alcohol Consumption

Okay so everybody knows the basis about alcohol. Beer has more carbs (though usually always under 5g of carbs unless its a heavier dark lager or something), liquor has “less calories,” though its equally as bad for you and relatively similar in calorie content. People say some “red wine is good for you” every now and then, and it is, but they do not realize that that is because of the polyphenols found in grapes used in the ingredients of wine as well other ingredients in darker beers/lagers. And some people don’t even recognize that alcohol in insult has 7 Kcal/g. But I wanted to make a guide about for when to consume alcohol, what types and when to consume them, higher sugar containing beers/drinks you should watch out for, calorie decreasing tips at the bar, and information on lower calorie booze.Â
Here it goes:
Sugary Alcoholic Beverages: There taste so good, go down easy, and have a fairly high alcohol percentage so they fuck you up. However, be careful, as they have a lot of calories. Watch out for hard ciders like Angry Orchards (I love them but they’re 200 cal a bottle), Redds Apple Ale, or Strongbow. Watch out for Smirnoff Ices, Mike’s Hard Lemonades, Twisted Teas, Four Lokos, and all that Bud Light Lime-A-Rite bullshit ad its variations. They ALL have a high sugar content, which will all be deposited as fat whilst your body is digesting the alcohol. Just a tip to be aware of; maybe not drink these sugary beverages with food to limit sugar intake and carbohydrate.
At The Bar: This is a quick one, but instead of a soda or Vodka Cranberry or Lemonade, maybe grab a tonic water or a diet soda as your mixer to limit sugar intake as well.
At Dinner: Stick to the sugary alcoholic beverage rule I discussed above; note that these beverages have high amounts of sugar which is not optimal to digest with alcohol at dinner time. Have just one good lager or wine with polyphenols in it.
Finally, Here is a link to the list of some of the lowest calorie Beers:





Booze and Books: Getting Back Into School Mode After Break

Getting back into school after a nice long winter break of heavy alcohol consumption, many hungover lifting sessions, and a few weeks where we get a piece of mind and are free to relax from the grip of the monster that is fucking class. It draws us back riiiight when we start wanting to stay home again. And like many others, I usually arrive to school early during break to prepare for the semester. However, this means I start partying earlier… uh-oh. Now I’m back at college in party zone and I’ve got classes in three days… what the hell am I gonna do? well, after five semesters of struggling with this, and don’t get me wrong, I’m still rocking my 2.6, but this is my advice on how to handle You’re partying and there comes schoolwork when your mindset is off balance at the beginning of the semester.  So here’s what I do

  • Ease into it: Don’t rush into the semester full storm thinking you’re gonna get A’s and shit right away. Its probably not gonna happen, sorry to be doubtful (if you get A’s right away then great for you) but its nearly impossible to perform at your best when your mindset is off and unfocused from school. Just ATTEND CLASS, pay attention to your syllabus, and ease into the feeling of being back into class. Rushing things will stress you out more.
  • Set aside your schedule and sort out the days you can go out: I know if you read this website you party, so if you go to school and party, then just figure out the days that you can  party. Figure out the nights where you don’t have class too late, don’t have too much homework, studying, or an exam, and the nights where you now you can sleep in before class or no class. Just don’t get hammered the night before an 8am or even 10am or 11:30am in my opinion. It’s just too hard to wake up super hungover and go to class. Trust me, I’ve withdrawn from my Wednesday 8am before, and I’ve missed morning classes for various reasons all associated with blackin’ out aspects. Just don’t party when you shouldn’t be.
  • Pay Attention: Keep your head up, pay attention to your grades and class requirements as every semester differs and this affects your workload thus your partying load. So stay organized, because it can hep you get better grades by knowing when your assignments are, and allows you to know when you can either hit happy hour or hit the library.
  •  Have fun and get your drink on but keep your grades up, well, up enough so you don’t fail out. C’s get degrees and can’t spell ‘degree’ without a few D’s along the line so, stay responsible guys. Study heavy. Drink Heavy.


Maxin Out n Blackin Out

Tommy Roel