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Suggested Supplements and their supplemental effect, Foods, Techniques and Compression For; Bone, Joint, Ligament, and Other Pain

I am diagnosed with Shin Splints and Osgood Shclatters (its where the ligament frequently unattached from itself during running; the ligament gets pulled apart). I have random wrist issues too. My whole life I played sports. From T-ball and Soccer Leagues or Practices on side as a child, to playing basketball, baseball, and lacrosse from 5th-9th Grade, for the exception of basketball which I played from fifth grade to 12th grade; four years in high school (2 years J.V, 2 years Varsity) I was ran cross country for two seasons, one of which I took seriously. I played Lacrosse (defense) in 6th and 9th grade. I even ultimate frisky for a season (few months for fun at school); I boxed, did Karate, and MMA on the Side. I’ve gotten into street fights, not going to lie. I bodybuilded heavily until I began to powerlifting heavily, then I integrated strongman and olympic weightlifting movements. All the running, the Jumping, jump roping and insane amount of lifting (especially heavy Squats and leg exercises, with jumping for working out too( combined with my diagnosed Osgood Shlatters and shin splints really damages and injures my wrists and knees a ton. But I’m working my way back. I decided to create a list of supplements to show you guys supplements, ointments, compression, and advice on joint paint, etc.

List of Suggested Knee Compression: I Suggest casually using knee compression via compression underwear or using the thin knee sleeves CopperFit for casual relaxing compression. For Lifting, I Suggest SBD, or STRong Sloves. Rehband’s are great as well. I like to wear the CopperFit’s under even.

Creams and Ointments, Hemp, Tools, Advice; I also Suggest frequently using Tiger Baum (menthol feeling; cooling pain), Arnica (Pain reduction, joint aid), Aloe (For Dry Skin), Keratin (stronger/healthier skin and skin composure), CBD Joint Muscle Cream (hundreds of studies proving its healing benefits). CBD tinctures are the seemingly most helpful. T-relief is a good brand for Arnica and Aloe cream, by the way. (Smoking Hemp/CBD can be helpful too if you are a smoker, just saying). I suggest taking hot and cold showers before and after you workout (cold first is my personal go to), take heating pads and heat them up; apply them to your knees and low back for muscle relaxation. For pain, ice muscles and injuries or take Ice baths. the Spirit Tiger Tail, Theracane, and various foam rollers of different sizes and types are also helpful tools to dig deep into muscle fascia, and knots. Sports Massages or regular massage therapists, or a clinic, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors are all very helpful professionals too. I enjoy Ice Baths too. Even hitting the Steam Room and Sauna can help. Also Stretch Every Day and work on your posture!

List of Suggested Supplements; Their Effects;

  • Elderberry: Packed with Vitamins and Antioxidants to Aid Immune System, Lessens bodily stress, protects the heart, helps with bodily inflammation (of joints for example) – derived from flowers and berries.
  • Zinc: Bone Metabolism and mineralization, and minimal Protein formation
  • D3; Stronger Bones and a healthy immune system but Fat Soluble.
  • Magnesium: Helps make protein, bone, and DNA. Also regulates nerve and muscle function.
  • Calcium: Helps muscles moves, builds build Stronger Bones, Bone Composition, structure and hardness. Teeth are bone as well. Also required for the protein production.
  • Biotin: A B Vitamin otherwise known as Vitamin H, competes our skin, hair and nails, which I suggest to be used on a daily basis for minor protection and healthier skin.
  • L-Arginine: An amino acid that increases blood flow so necessary supplements and Nutrients flow throughout the body for effectiveness.
  • Collagen: -Protein That is found in bone, skin and muscle. Helps strengthen your skin and. bone.
  • Glucosamine Chrondrotin KSM-66: A Strain of the supplement; KSM-66 is the best. It Is used to relax the body of stress
  • Rhelora; Natural Well Being
  • Rhodiola Rosea; Calms the Body
  • L-theanine – an Amino Acid that Produces a sense of bodily relaxation
  • Turmeric and Curcumin. An Orange root often uses ad powder for decorating food, however is extremely helpful fun inflammation and pain, can help battle Hay Disease, Cancerous Substance, is a powerful antioxidant. It is fat soluble and also may Help with Arthritis.
  • Kelp; Natural sources of Idone; in safe does helps healing damaged cells
  • BCAA’s: L-Valine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine: Essential proteins for your body to create peptide chains to rebuild stronger muscles.
  • Obviously, Whey, Isolate, Casein, Mass-builder and protein with Glucosamine (amino acid for recover) for recovery protein sources.
  • Food suggestions: Mixture of Fat-Free,Regular Whole Milk, Almond Milk for Dairy; A source protein and fat to help break down substances like D3. Meet products like Bison and Buffalo are higher in protein, creatine, amino acids than Cows, with less fat too. Also We need healthy fats like Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats so we have, subcutaneous fat (fat between skin muscle, protection in a sense before the dispose tissue protection your organs) that fat, just as stated, is often used to protect vital organs controlling muscles that are activated when needed; Potassium, Creatine, etc.
  • Some very simple medications to take simply are Tylenol/(Acetopminophen) Advil/Ibuprofen; Over the counter Pain-Relief Meds
  • Apple Cider Vinegar; weightless, kills bacteria, skin protection
  • BCAA’s help build muscle that is broken down; broken down glucose used in workouts,  results in lactic acid and soreness; evidentally resulting in being sore after you lift.
  • You breakdown and Restrengthen and rebuild stronger and then bigger muscles, by consuming protein, proper rest afterwards, and –
  • #2 BCAA’s can be drank before during or after a workout; BCAA’s are peptide chains that create proteins and are used for energy, so realistically having BCAA’s Before After and During is a great way too build muscle, the more lifting you do, more flexibility/stretching will be needed, but added flexibility can help reduce soreness, tightness, and enable you to perform movements you couldn’t before due to gained mobility after many repetitions and workouts. The reason I speak about this is because muscles produce the force that rotates bones around their axis. Without stronger muscles, you have weaker bones, because there is less muscle protecting it; reducing the ability to rotate bones around their axis within a more powerful manner; without muscle (or having weak muscles) ;  

The strengthened muscle and bones/joints/ligaments/skin cannot be as flexible since the muscles are not large enough to produce enough force to rotate your bones around specific axis’ in your body,   (top athlete level, obviously all humans have muscle); flexibility in your bones joints ligaments, can be affected by muscle mass due to tightness if one lacks flexibility, as well.

These are all things that have affected and helped my joint pains.

Happy MLK J.R Day!

This is quick excerpt.

Happy Martin Luther King J.R day (God rest his soul) to everybody out there. I idolize that man because he had such passion to change the world and was capable and was a beautiful human being who wanted to change the world for the better, and he was willing to give his life. He fought for freedom of hatred, and for Civil Rights Movements, He instilled into us that any form of discrimination is vile, and believed us all to be human. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”-MLK J.R. He had a dream. It became true. MLK J.R inspires me to be a leader and better person. Martin Luther King helped change the world in. Beautiful manner at that time period. And in this stressful painful world we are living in, rattled with political issues, racial injustice, police brutality, religious discrimination, and worse. But we especially need to Acknowledge this man today; because no matter what we look like we have to suppress this evil together, as one. One love to all, and MLK thank you for being a role mode to me, and to millions,

Goodbye 2020

I have dealt with many, many issues this year, but I’m getting back on my feet. I’ve worked hard and progressed the company and done as much writing on my books, and sold as many shirts apparel as I could, and I incorporated The Sponsorship and Ambassador Aspect. If you are still interested, Email me I am still working to improve step by step, everyday, by battling my mental Health. I am working with my twin brother to create new articles on the website as well, including a lot more Maxinoutnblackinout’ lifting material.

Fuck COV-19, lets pray for a better year. Happy New Years and Happy Holidays to all. Stay safe

Quick Announcement! New Clothes available: Roel Resources and Cove Strong, and my Book’s Has Been Being worked

We have the availability to use our own shirt’s and gear to save finances by using bulk order using a heat press, soon once I save for a $1200 press I will be able to make more material. I am also launching Breast Cancer Awareness Month Shirts (though it passed in October), St. Patricks Day Green MONBO shirts, More Suicide Prevention shirts in March and that is is May. Also’ I’m launching special “MLK” BLM shirts too. I am also Working with my father on his own business, Roel resources, an LLC, whereas we shall work together to write. I’m getting back into lifting as mobility gets better. Random Update; I will probably be working for DPW in my city, (“Department of Public works”; for extra money). New Gains updates and posts will be more active soon,


Maxx S. Sports Blog:


Maxx S. Sports Blog

s/0 to my loving cousin and his wife Amanda 12.12.22020

MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Affiliations – Opportunities/Work/ Sponsorships

MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Affiliative Opportunities

MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Affiliations: Sponsorships, Ambassador Work, #Monbogang, Representatives, Salesman + Wholesales-man,Partnerships/, ShoutoutsS/o for S/o’s Joint Ventures/ Models, New Clothing Packages, “Monbo Member for Life:”

*IF you have any issues FUCK OFF I don’t need you*


  • Own a shirt, You’re in the #monbogang
  • Representative; Frequently represent and rep MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC and you get discounts on purchases.
  • Salesman; You can buy small to large amounts of clothing if you want to distribute on your own. If you place bulks order, 20% off. This is an in dissolvable position as you can always reach out to order my clothes if you want to, and if not, it’s all good.
  • Whole salesman: Buy bulk and distribute on your own
  • Sponsors and Ambassadors and Partners, or Joint Ventures
  • Models: You model for free for a s/o for s/o or we can make a clothing deal

**NOTE; I check in on your positions to affirm you’re doing as desired, asked or told, I’m not a millionaire, I cant give dozens of free items, receive zero s/o oe promotion, etc. So I will text people for check in’s regarding their work/ MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC so that I am not taken advantage of financially.***

Most written below here are explanations and descriptions to avoid any confusion, offense,

MICRO-MANAGEMENT; like listed below, I will be here to ensure everyone’s helping. It’s not hard…., and I can’t give away everything for free; I still pay for the shirts, I lose a lot of profit. But I want to spread my business and get people comfortable clothes; plus I simply enjoy it. You literally Just post some pictures or shoutouts here and then and get 50-60% commission on every sale (Paying the shipping is included though, Except for Ambassadors. The reason being is like I said, I can only spend so much money, I can’t afford free shipping on exactly everything. Also Shipping price will depend on which service I use (DHL, USPS, UPS, FedEx) and how many days it requires to arrive. (Ex; 2-day Priority versus Standard 5-7 days) I am NOT being greedy as everyone receives more shirts than they will pay for, and everyone get shoutouts on business ventures consistently, and that is why I need to micro-manage;

1) If you make a sale you have to tell me so you can get your money! Like I said I want to help; and making money definitely is.

2) Let me know if there is/are any updates with your business’/other ventures, so that I can post about them and give you your shoutout. This isn’t a pressured forceful job. It’s not a full-time, or part time job. It’s a side gig, if anything at all, to make commission and gain promotion and some money, AND you get a lot of free clothes. You can Dip out of #MonboGang absolutely anytime you want with NO hard feelings, like I said it’s barely a side gig. I consider it more of a fun opportunity to get clothes and some bills. I never promised you’d become Bill Gates.

3) I care about people and respect everyone, I expect reciprocation. I don’t rip ANYONE off, as a matter of fact, being part of any of these labels gives you discounts, gets you additional shirts for prices of 1-2, and FREE clothes. Plus your promotion! So That is what is in it for anyone who signs up.

4) You don’t need to bust your ass off. Like I said its casual and for fun and free clothes and extra clothes for smaller prices and discounts. In certain categories, discount percentages vary. This is simply part of the position and requires no forceful effort!! Just keep me posted so I can get you your money.

5) Lastly, let’s be blunt.As an ambassador, if you wanted to sign up, you should know business and READ THIS ARTICLE OR ELSE YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND. I’m trying to expand my business and make a little money whilst also losing a lot of money by trying to help a bunch of friends make a little to some money via the sales. And, that money being made is literally almost equal to mine for the exception of my return cost, and shipping, and NYS Sales Tax on T-shirts ($0.54) is required for return. And that return that you have to pay me is simply just required; I need to charge the small amount of Cent’s on any item’s shipping AT FIRST because its legally necessary to pay as I refuse to avoid tax evasion in New York. I’m not being greedy; its LEGALITY issues and legally required as well as the extra cent’s paid on the shipping (Unless you’re an ambassador). This is because I need to report to the IRS every last cent of money I spend on MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC’s list of Yearly Expenses Cost. For example; I had to include the money I spent on my heat press on my list. Every cent I make on expenses, must be reported (at first) for determination of profits. That’s why I need those tiny amounts of money. It just needs to be recorded in my sales records within my LLC binder as well, then I WILL LITERALLY SEND THE SPARE CHANGE BACK TO YOU VIA Venmo if its that big of a deal. You will receive the tracking number and I’ll send a picture of it underlining it and the receipt as well, plus even the package.

6) Actually finally, JUST READ EVERYTHING; you’ll understand that it’s an opportunity. Not a fucking huge ass opportunity. But an opportunity to make small amounts of money, get free clothes, get discounted shirts or custom sponsor shirts just for you, get some personal promotion, have some fun, and join the community. If you don’t like what you see here, Thats Ok.

Lists of ; Sponsor/Ambassador, Models

  • You can be all positions at once, Choose one ,or choose a few, however you’d like to do so. Ex. You can be a Sponsor, an Ambassador, or Both. You can bail whenever you’d like as well, jus’t PLEASE notify me.
  • Limited amount of Sponsors and Models; Current Sponsors; Nick Murphy ( My boy and very frequent lifter from Utampa) Lucas Lauridia (Bodybuilder, – Suffolk County LI NY) , Bria Brackett (One of my closest friends,- Tampa FL), Shaquille Thompson (Filmography, photography, rapping, modeling, – Nassau County Glen Cove LI NY), Jenny Bacon (My best friend, – Allentown, NJ), D.J Crockett (My close friend from- USF), Danny Sullaway (My close friend, – Tampa, FL), Pat Slovinsky (My very good friend, horticulturist, Promotion work for Purpl Pro, fellow athlete, and empathetic regarding my mental health, Garden City, Ny & Tampa, FL), Mikey Berg – (One of my truest friends from High School, Umiami Grad – Mike Berg was a former member of Team USA for IPF Worlds 2016, placing multiple state records in his division. He is now a recent graduate from UMiami and runs a music management company for hiphop artists & producers. He believes in balancing a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying yourself), Jad Stephanou (One of my close friends from Utampa and my Joint Venture partner for his Luxury Clothing brand J&R Artisan Designs *Based in Washington D.C, all luxurious materials from Florence, Italy, and Paris, France), My twin Brother Jimmy Roel (Powerlifter, higher numbers), MY boy and fellow UT attendee and Monbo Gang member Matt Tannenbaum ( M10 is his Soundcloud and Spotify; he is a rapper and fitness advocate), Leah Fragogiannis (My awesome friend from UMiami Law School), Akarsh Trivedi (my boy from high-school whom I work with), my boy Hunter Treiber from Chicago, Utampa, and Mizzou ; he ha a switch for Call of Duty and other games; twitch; located at the bottom ), my boy David Glazer, ( a fellow University of Tampa student and amazing bodybuilder whom had worked at Crunch).

These are Just some similarities between some of the categories, and some other information before I delve into each topic.

  • Consistent shoutouts on both ends; modeling: model for ex. Cool Scenery, A sport, Athletic Competition, Individual Athletes or their teams, Pose nicely. Aesthetic, Camera friendly, Tag me (My Insta @maxinoutandblackinout )
  • I shout out any fitness, business, or any other endeavors of our sponsors, ambassadors, etc.
  • If you want more of your own stuff/gear (more than the free apparel you get during new clothing launches); 50% discounts on any clothes; if so, FREE shipping as well. 
  • For any Clothing, My warehouse in in PA, so I would need to know in advance if kids order them.
  • I Reside In Glen Cove, NY, and ship from here, or from Nicholson, PA.
  •  Payments; Cash, Venmo, Apple Pay, CashApp (Square INC), Google Wallet, Zelle, PayPal, Credit, Debit, Bitcoin, Checks, Wire Transfer, Money Order, and Gift Cards.
  • Sales mailed by USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Sell nationwide and to select countries in UK. I meet customers in person as well, and distribute some from my house that I live in.

SPONSOR (modeling, shoutouts): This means I consistently shout you out and send you free shirts when I drop a new released. I give shoutouts as well for any fitness or business endeavor – Just need consistent shoutouts as well in return, and can sponsor any athlete for an upcoming event If wanted. 

Also Require modeling for the website and other pages; especially required when given free gear. Basically; Free Clothing, shoutouts, feedback, promotion. 

  1. When a new clothing launch drops, you get free clothes as a sponsor/athlete with free shipping and discounts. 
  2. I provide you with shoutouts, but to help me out, I need some shoutouts in return. Ex. When you receive new clothing, take pictures in the clothesand send them to me, so I can post them on the website in the lifestyle page for any promotional purposes, and can give you your shoutout for whatever your personal endeavor is. 
  3. Represent the clothing heavily, please
  4. Promote the clothing, please.
  5. ALLOWED Custom shirts for events; Ex. Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Strongman Competitions, Pickup Adult sports leagues, College Intramural sports teams, Chess Tournaments, (Volleyball Leagues ex, my Friend is in one)

AMBASSADOR (Sales and Modeling);More-so is work, its mainly involved ways to make money off commission; you get me a sale, I cut you off a % of the sale depending how large.  THIS IS IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY. Usually 60/40 % split. 

Mikey Berg, Shaquille Thompson,Patrick Slovensky

Being a Model costs much less and just requires sending me pictures -Don’t worry you get way more gear the for the downpayment.

But you can be both, costs would change, same with the amount of clothing and we can figure orders and other things out etc.

^^^^^^Hunter Treibman’s Twitch^^^^^^

@rackzht Is his account name. (Hunter Now resides in Illinois)


  • Other benefits Include;
  • 1. Sponsorships & Promotions, Shout out for Shout Out’s, ability to model, or gain free gear, become sponsored, and join the #monbogang today!
  • We need to know exactly who was reasonable for the sale, so that the person can be rewarded via proper paperwork, or informal paperwork, depending on the setting. When we know WHO helped us make a sale then we can cut percentages.

Percentage; %’s of profit you earned over-the-entirety of your time spent with MONBO composed from your variety of MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC sales, (Sales over time regardless what specific of salesman) – All compiled – often from Bulk Free-Order = most MONEY you made if you stuck with the #Gang. Pro Tip; Record any money you make off of this and report it to your taxes. It is a LEGAL job of course.

1). A simple, cheap Negotiable Commission’s Split; we fairly negotiate and barter based on sales, profit made on sale we make together, then split sales profits; *Cuts and % vary here most.* (I control most larger or expensive sales of my LLC, so on a shared sale, due to a level of fairness; A generous 60/40 percentile profit margin % split is being offered between us.

2) Sporadic Smaller Salesman; You can sell shirts, buy them for friends, place orders with friends, etc., as you please. This would provide either a small or large cut depending on what you sell it for; (Smaller and less Sales therefore less commission)

  • Larger wholesaler
  • % On commission will be worked out after deal/clothing trade is made and personalized to fit individuals lifestyle;

Joint Venture; Jad Stephanou with “J&R Artisan Designs.” – I receive 13 % commission If I helped make any sales yet. I receive large discounts, regular discounts, and free shipping. I sell his t-shirts on the side right now, promote for his brand, and model.

Patrick Slovensky x Slight Partnership;Purpl Pro” ‘s Unofficial Partnership; My rules; MaxinoutoutNBlackingout LLC and affiliates are Allowed to partner up but, we each make commission off sales made for one another, but mainly shout shouts. We try, but not too hard. And it is not enforced or checked upon.

You scratch my Balls, I scratch your balls. Or something like that right?

  • IF Any REAL inquires required ; Please message Me, @maxinoutandblackinout on instagram, facebook; Maxin Out N Blackin Out. Other website for apparel distribution;

Partnerships/Joint Ventures; involve dual sales, selling each other’s product on each other’s sites, splitting money etc. This is a topic I will delve into later. There is another article on this site as well.

 Partnership; Allowed to partner up but, we each make commission off sales made for one another, but mainly shout shouts. We try but not too hard. And it is not enforced or checked upon. Commission, %’s of sales, or certain cuts are made.

Joint Venture’s; We Launch our own entity combined together as one with shared commissions and financed and idea, etc. Commission, %’s of sales, or certain cuts are made.

CBD on Joint and Muscle Pain

*This article will be edited as I continue to use CBD; This is the first update

My personal review

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a drug component found in Marijuana, directly derived from the hemp plant itself. However, this is the component that does not cause you to get stoned; and the CBD industry, public opinion, and legality has drastically changed regarding CBD generality in the last few years. CBD has been decriminalized, and is advertised to reduce anxiety, depression, muscle pain, and insomnia. There are many other health benefits, supposedly, such as CBD being able to aid Epilepsy. Alot of this is true, some scientifically backed, some not. Nothing I am going to speak about regarding my personal experience will be backed by science because I don’t want to talk out of my ass here. I am only going to discuss How I have used CBD to help lifting and pains, and remember; THIS IS PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, meaning it is what I have experienced and should not be taken to full account. Affects vary on all.

I have taken a small CBD trial period because I constantly ache from knee pains and low back pains to due exercises like squatting, deadlifting, and due to manual labor from working. Additionally, typing on a computer frequently doesn’t help my posture or joint pain either. I grew up with Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease (consistent inflammation of the patellar joint) and Shin Splits, and constantly have feet pain, knee pain, shin pain, lower back pain, and joint pain regarding my elbows and my AC and SC joints.

So, I wanted to try CBD for potential help!

CBD Cigarettes/Flower/Joints; CBD flower is sold in various smoking formats. I tired CBD cigarettes, which are cool because they come in a pack that looks like a cigarette pack with legitimate cigarettes; only filled with CBD flower. It was alright, and tasted better compared to the CBD joint. The CBD flower in itself was okay, but tasted bad. These mostly relax you, for a brief period of time. They take temporary stress and anxiety away, however it is not prolonged. IT definitely helps a tiny bit for part time relief, and in. my opinion can help a smoker habitually ditch the habit of smoking cigarettes by smoking CBD flower cigarettes instead. However, you are still consuming smoke, thus this CBD consumption format is not my most recommended. Still, it didn’t hurt.

Hemp Creams/Balms; I have been experimenting with health creams containing CBD. I chose to use a brand called HerbStrong.

***Have Not Yet Tried Tincture**

After and before workouts, afters showers, when I wake up, and before bed would be when I use this cream. Typically I timed it around when my body needed rest, was in fatigue, or wanted to prepare my joints for movements. This is my RECOMMENDED product for CBD aid regarding muscle and joint pain. It has a cooling effect, but not so much like a menthol Tiger Balm type of menthol strength or smell. It is lighter and more relaxing. My feet pain subsides, and muscle pains subside as well. Joint pain is the most difficult to fight, because constant reps, movements, and everyday motions affect my joints. However, the HempStrong really helps with the joint pain, and almost masks the pain in addition to helping with recovery. However, it wears off within about a half hour, and despite how wonderful it is for recovery, in my opinion, just as I view supplements, this CBD aid/product of any sorts can only help so much. But still, I definitely recommend CBD creams over Tiger Balm, and I’d rank Arnica creams or BioFreeze as s second best option.

Brief Updates; More clothes, Mental Health, The Past Few Months

In addition to the new MnB Logo MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Beanies and the OG hoodies, I have some other updates. I recently have have been diagnosed with ADHD. No biggie, I just want to keep it real and make sure everyone is up to date. Workouts have been coming along better, and I am starting to see gains come back. I have began regularly taking supplements, adjusted my diet, and began to eat more. Expect more lifting articles soon; I have ideas written down but need to perfect my drafts. Expect an article within the next week. Expect to see lifting videos here or on our instagram pages @maxinoutandblackinout or @roel_powerlifting. Expect all of this soon; I am just getting back into my grind. I was part-time working two different labor job whilst progressing the company all while trying to maintain gains and control mental health. Also, I got accepted into the Food, Nutrition, and Wellness Program at LIU Post (Long Island University Post Campus) for the Spring 2020 Term with a major in Nutrition, which means potentially less content on here regarding articles. However, I will still post once a week or so, and clothing will be at a surplus to sell alongside with new clothing releases and ideas in the future. Training and Annual Package Deals are still available via emailing me. Additionally and lastly, I am making MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Posters. Only 3 will be available for $20 each. I am doing this as a trial run. IF people like them, we will produce more which will lower prices down to $15 or even lower.

Payment methods: In Person; Preferably a Cash or Check, or Gift Cards, but hell, I’ll take Coins even! Anything for my customers!. Online Payment includes Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, and Google Wallet. We soon will have a FourSquare device to accept debit and credit!

Thats the update!

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