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SBD Bodybuilding Split

This is just a simple sample split I made for fun that I felt like posting for free. Here it is:



Squats 5×5 @ a comfortable weight,  each week add five lbs.

Hamstring curls 3×10

Straight leg deadlifts 3×10

Quad extensions 3×10

Abs 5×10



Flat Bench 5×5 @ comfortable weight each week add five lbs.

Incline flys 5×10 superset w Dips 5×10

Cable crossovers 3×10

Tricep rope pushdowns 3×10

Tricep overhead rope extensions 3×10




Deadlifts 3×10

Lat Pulldowns 3×10

Pullups 3×10

Chin ups 3×10

Underhand lat pulldowns 3×10

Biceps 6×10, 2×5 for strength, 2×15 for endurance, 2×12 for hypertrophy



Standing OHP (Over head barbell press) 3×10

Seated dumbbell press 3×10

Side lateral raises 3×10 superset

Front lateral raises 3×8

  • Tommy Roel
  • Maxin’ Out n Blackin Out

Why You Should Compete

For me,  powerlifting has always been a passion in which I have been able to recreationally enjoy, however, when the time is right and I feel comfortable, I will always choose to compete again. I do not compete when I am not ready, and have bot competed in over a year, however, I fully intend to continue competing; I have just not been able to as life the last year has been difficult for me. However, soon again  I will compete, and I am going to delve into the reasons as to why I think everybody should compete at least once, no matter whether its a powerlifting meet, a bodybuilding or physique show, or a weightlifting competition. Competing is an incredible positive experience, and here’s why:

  1. Knowledge: Competing around people, often advanced lifters or strong individuals, is a great way to obtain a vast variety of knowledge about training, meet prep, advice on form, motivational advice, and more. When I competed, I was able to learn how others water-loaded properly in order to make their weight class. I also learned how to fast prior to a meet and learned how to fuel myself throughout the day as the meet progressed. I was able to learn some techniques to crack individuals’ back in case of a cramp, and I learned how to properly spot individuals whilst squatting, which has been a knowledge that I have been able to pass onto individuals in the gym who are spotting their friends squatting.
  2. Experience: Competing allows every athlete to gain experience in their field, making them a stronger athlete overall. It enables us to gain a larger amount of respect for us amongst our fellow athletes. Respect goes a  long way in this world, especially in lifting because the respect that individuals have for you regarding your accomplishments in powerlifting can help present opportunities such as sponsorships or new clients to train.
  3. Motivation: Competing is very nerve wracking, but it is also extremely motivating. Prepping for a meet keeps you motivated and organized with your lifting and diet as you strive to make your weight class. However, the most motivating and awe-inspiring part of competing is that when you get up on the stage or the platform, EVERYONE cheers for you, especially if you are grinding the rep out. The weight doesn’t matter, the type lift doesn’t matter. All that matters is you, and the barbell. And even when the entire crowd does not know who you are, while watching you perform your lift, they always cheer. Its such an incredible surprising feeling as people you don’t even know are cheering for you to succeed. They are cheering for you hoping for success, and often times are ecstatic when you succeed in a lift. This has been the most humble and awe-inspiring thing I have seen in powerlifting as it made me realize that it’s not strictly about competition, and that it is more-so about bettering yourself within the sport and supporting each other as athletes as we cheer for everyone’s success, and not just our owns. This is the most important part as to why I think people should compete. The feeling you get from moments like what I have just described are so surreal and feel so incredible that I think everyone should sign up  for a meet and compete one day, because if you don’t, frankly, you’re missing out.
  • Tommy Roel
  • Maxin’ Out