SBD Bodybuilding Split

This is just a simple sample split I made for fun that I felt like posting for free. Here it is:



Squats 5×5 @ a comfortable weight,  each week add five lbs.

Hamstring curls 3×10

Straight leg deadlifts 3×10

Quad extensions 3×10

Abs 5×10



Flat Bench 5×5 @ comfortable weight each week add five lbs.

Incline flys 5×10 superset w Dips 5×10

Cable crossovers 3×10

Tricep rope pushdowns 3×10

Tricep overhead rope extensions 3×10




Deadlifts 3×10

Lat Pulldowns 3×10

Pullups 3×10

Chin ups 3×10

Underhand lat pulldowns 3×10

Biceps 6×10, 2×5 for strength, 2×15 for endurance, 2×12 for hypertrophy



Standing OHP (Over head barbell press) 3×10

Seated dumbbell press 3×10

Side lateral raises 3×10 superset

Front lateral raises 3×8

  • Tommy Roel
  • Maxin’ Out n Blackin Out

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Thomas Roel, 23 years old. -RPS 165lbs /USAPL 74kg Competitive Powerlifter, Recreational weightlifter and recreational bodybuilder. - Glen Cove, New York, 11542 / Formerly Tampa, Florida, 33606 - MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC - @maxinoutandblackinout on instagram - Portledge High School 15' - Current Student at Long Island University Post - Formerly Student at the University of Tampa: Human Performance - Mental Health activist amongst peers. - Music and writing.

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