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Goodbye 2020

I have dealt with many, many issues this year, but I’m getting back on my feet. I’ve worked hard and progressed the company and done as much writing on my books, and sold as many shirts apparel as I could, and I incorporated The Sponsorship and Ambassador Aspect. If you are still interested, Email me I am still working to improve step by step, everyday, by battling my mental Health. I am working with my twin brother to create new articles on the website as well, including a lot more Maxinoutnblackinout’ lifting material.

Fuck COV-19, lets pray for a better year. Happy New Years and Happy Holidays to all. Stay safe

Quick Announcement! New Clothes available: Roel Resources and Cove Strong, and my Book’s Has Been Being worked

We have the availability to use our own shirt’s and gear to save finances by using bulk order using a heat press, soon once I save for a $1200 press I will be able to make more material. I am also launching Breast Cancer Awareness Month Shirts (though it passed in October), St. Patricks Day Green MONBO shirts, More Suicide Prevention shirts in March and that is is May. Also’ I’m launching special “MLK” BLM shirts too. I am also Working with my father on his own business, Roel resources, an LLC, whereas we shall work together to write. I’m getting back into lifting as mobility gets better. Random Update; I will probably be working for DPW in my city, (“Department of Public works”; for extra money). New Gains updates and posts will be more active soon,


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s/0 to my loving cousin and his wife Amanda 12.12.22020