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Go Hard Under the Bar, Go Hard At the Bar – Balancing Drinking and Lifting

Lifting and drinking typically DO NOT go well together. Alcohol has 7 calories a gram and is a toxin to our body, so our body prioritizes the break down of alcohol over all other bodily functions, such as MPS (muscle protein synthesis) and lactic acid breakdown. This is why when you go hard at the gym on a Thursday, wake up sore Friday, and then drink on Friday night, that you wake up Saturday just as sore as you were Friday. That is because your body was focused on breaking down the alcohol in your system, not the lactic acid, (which is a byproduct of glucose breakdown) which is what makes us sore. Obviously, it also prolongs the ability to build muscle whilst alcohol is in your system since the alcohol needs to be broken down first, and when drinking and eating your body can store the food calories as fat since it needs to break down the alcohol first. This portion is just to let you, the reader, know a little more about how our bodies handle alcohol when we drink after training. However, it is still important to enjoy yourself and celebrate on special occasions. As I phrase it, “go hard under the bar, and go hard at the bar.” When I say under the bar, I am referring to squatting, by the way. Below I have linked my first time squatting 4 plates, which is 405 lbs. This was a huge accomplishment and longterm goal of mine that I had finally achieved. So, for the special occasion, I fulfilled my statement and after going hard under the bar, I went out to celebrate and went hard at the bar. Obviously, as athletes individuals should avoid drinking heavily, but for occasional celebrations that are linked to significant events you have participated in or goals that you may have achieved, it is okay to go out and celebrate your accomplishments because of how hard you have worked. However, just do not let any celebration hinder your motivation. Stay focused. Stay chasing your dreams and get your gains.

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Planet Fitness and why It Contradicts Fitness

Planet Shitness as I like to call it is the complete opposite of fitness. Although I support the occasional pizza and couldn’t care less about bagels, apparently from a member report from said, ” Free Pizza on the First Monday of each month, Handfuls of purple Tootsie rolls are displayed temptingly in jars all across the Planet Fitness front desk areas…Free Bagels on the first Tuesday of every, month..”


THAT contradicts the entire concept of fitness, I mean once in a while its fine, but that’s pretty frequent. Plus, it’s a wide known fact among serious lifters that you’re deemed a “lunk” if you grunt, slam or drop weights, sing, bring a bag or water gallon, or wear tank tops. What herbs. Also, there are no bench presses or squats racks, only Smith machines, and deadlifts are banned A powerlifter’s worst nightmare. Planet Fitness carries it over the top with their supply of shitty food to people who are already limited to important methods on training such as benching, squatting and deadlifting. Also, overhead presses are banned. Important compound movements are banned, so how can these people getting fed garbage a few times a month and every day with Tootsie rolls make gains when the most important lifts are banned? Plus they kick every serious athlete or lifter out of there. And that is why Planet Fitness contradicts fitness. Planet Shitness would have been a better name dude.


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Gains and Ganja? Pros and Cons

This blog relates to the past article, which involved Arnold Schwarzenegger recreationally using Marijuana after a big time 1975 Mr. Olympia win. The blog also discusses Michael Phelps when a photo on the internet surfaced of Phelps hitting a bong. Even Stephen Jackson, a former great NBA player whose has played for a variety of NBA teams throughout his career, admitted to using marijuana before games. Jackson said, ” I just gotta be real, you know, it’s been a couple games where I smoked before games and had great games,” (, and he added, “I think it’s a higher percentage of guys that smoke than drink. I know coming in, especially in my time, everybody smoked. After games, when I came into the league, there was only one drug test. And that was in the beginning of the season, in training camp. You knew when it was coming. You could smoke the rest of the season. That was the good days” ( Jackson discusses his marijuana usage during the earlier days of his career of the NBA and described the drug testing system and even noted that he had played great games whilst stoned. However, he also admitted there were points where he smoked too much and would tell himself, “Please calm down, this high has to calm down’ — I done shot three shots that went over the backboard” ( So Jackson continued to admit that sometimes he played poorly whilst under the influence of marijuana. So, although many athletes have used marijuana, how does it affect your body athletically? Obviously, these individuals such as Arnold, Phelps, and Jackson are great athletes, so how does weed affect their performance? A lot of it is individualized, as sometimes marijuana increases mental focus and creativeness whilst it can also decrease motivation and increase lethargic feelings. However, for athletes, the CBD component can relieve pain after tough workouts while the munchies side effects can help bodybuilders with their appetites, especially since large bodybuilders require a high amount of macronutrients and eat rather bland food, therefore getting the munchies can hep them get the calories they need. An article from generation discusses this and features famous fitness YouTubers Elliot Hulse and Scooby. This article has 2 pages and discusses many affects weed can have on athletic performance, both negative and positive. Accents discussed include the lethargic and munchies effect from marijuana, the possibility of mental focus and aid in appetite, which can both be negative or positive, your oxygen levels, and more. Make sure to read both pages.

Whichever or whatever you choose to do, find your balance, and if you smoke and are an athlete of sorts, hopefully, this article can help you.


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After Some Success, It’s Okay to Get Wrecked

The whole idea behind Maxin’ Out n Blackin’ Out is to encourage a healthy balance between the lifter’s and athlete’s lifestyle and the partier’s and college kid lifestyle. This blog is supposed to help reinforce such ideas. After winning one of his many Mr. Olympia’s, even Arnold Schwarzenegger relaxed and took it easy from time to time, especially after his famous 1975 Mr. Olympia Win where the infamous photo of him smoking a joint was taken. Or, you can take a more modern day example from Michael Phelps, when the infamous photo of him smoking a bong surfaced upon the internet during February 2009.  After special accomplishments within your sport, whether it be a PR (personal record) in powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, or CrossFit. Or maybe it was a big bodybuilding or physique win, or your team won the playoff game in crunch time. Or maybe you improved your stats from the year before, or maybe you simply had a killer session working out. Even the big time greats like Arnold and Phelps relaxed after they put in their endless amounts of tremendously hard work. Go hard at whatever training for whatever sport you are involved in, and give it 110%. Work until you cannot work any longer, put in the effort until you have diminished all macronutrients in your body which fuel your activity. Work until you cannot train any longer, and put in the effort. However, once you give it your all, once it’s all said and done, THEN it is okay to kick back and relax and is perfectly fine to crack open a cold one or light up a doobie, just like Arnold.

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 – Phelps in 2009 ripping a binger.




500 lb. Redemption Deadlift

A year prior to this lift in August 2015 I missed the 500.5lb Conventional deadlift at the lockout at my first USAPL meet where I was 74kg. That year I had lost a loving family member, who for all my life has been someone I looked up to, alongside with his brother, my other uncle. But when I missed the pull, I felt like I let my Uncle down. So after training my ass off for weeks and months and switching programs and gyms and going throughout college, In July 2016, I competed again, and I got this 500 pull at the 185lb class ( I competed up but was really 173) in an RPS meet. That’s why I celebrated so much. I had my redemption, I got 500 on a platform, and I made both my Uncles proud. Find your motivation.

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Halodrol: What is it, what’s in it, and What can it do?

This is a powerpoint I created on the “supplement” Halodrol and is to help inform people about common supplements sold on websites and what they really might be. Hopefully, it will inform people and help them learn about this product and if used, how to safely use the product. This is a downloaded version of the PDF file.

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Siege Athletic’s Wall – Civilize the Mind But Make Savage The Body

“Civilize the Mind, But Make Savage The Body”

  • This quote encourages the idea I have behind Maxin Out n Blackin Out because it supports the concept that one must be civil and eager to learn and obtain education and being responsible while simultaneously making “savage” through your body through endless training and lifting by Maxin’ Out and also through partying by Blackin’ Out. Balance the Two.

This painting is located is former Optimum Nutrition Rep Noah Segel’s Gym.

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500 lb Deadlift

My last deadlift pull at 227.5 KG/ 500.5 lbs, got it but slipped out of my hands at the lockout.

This was from my first meet, and a year later I got 500 on the platform at an RPS meet.


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