Go Hard Under the Bar, Go Hard At the Bar – Balancing Drinking and Lifting

Lifting and drinking typically DO NOT go well together. Alcohol has 7 calories a gram and is a toxin to our body, so our body prioritizes the break down of alcohol over all other bodily functions, such as MPS (muscle protein synthesis) and lactic acid breakdown. This is why when you go hard at the gym on a Thursday, wake up sore Friday, and then drink on Friday night, that you wake up Saturday just as sore as you were Friday. That is because your body was focused on breaking down the alcohol in your system, not the lactic acid, (which is a byproduct of glucose breakdown) which is what makes us sore. Obviously, it also prolongs the ability to build muscle whilst alcohol is in your system since the alcohol needs to be broken down first, and when drinking and eating your body can store the food calories as fat since it needs to break down the alcohol first. This portion is just to let you, the reader, know a little more about how our bodies handle alcohol when we drink after training. However, it is still important to enjoy yourself and celebrate on special occasions. As I phrase it, “go hard under the bar, and go hard at the bar.” When I say under the bar, I am referring to squatting, by the way. Below I have linked my first time squatting 4 plates, which is 405 lbs. This was a huge accomplishment and longterm goal of mine that I had finally achieved. So, for the special occasion, I fulfilled my statement and after going hard under the bar, I went out to celebrate and went hard at the bar. Obviously, as athletes individuals should avoid drinking heavily, but for occasional celebrations that are linked to significant events you have participated in or goals that you may have achieved, it is okay to go out and celebrate your accomplishments because of how hard you have worked. However, just do not let any celebration hinder your motivation. Stay focused. Stay chasing your dreams and get your gains.

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