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Booze and Books: Getting Back Into School Mode After Break

Getting back into school after a nice long winter break of heavy alcohol consumption, many hungover lifting sessions, and a few weeks where we get a piece of mind and are free to relax from the grip of the monster that is fucking class. It draws us back riiiight when we start wanting to stay home again. And like many others, I usually arrive to school early during break to prepare for the semester. However, this means I start partying earlier… uh-oh. Now I’m back at college in party zone and I’ve got classes in three days… what the hell am I gonna do? well, after five semesters of struggling with this, and don’t get me wrong, I’m still rocking my 2.6, but this is my advice on how to handle You’re partying and there comes schoolwork when your mindset is off balance at the beginning of the semester.  So here’s what I do

  • Ease into it: Don’t rush into the semester full storm thinking you’re gonna get A’s and shit right away. Its probably not gonna happen, sorry to be doubtful (if you get A’s right away then great for you) but its nearly impossible to perform at your best when your mindset is off and unfocused from school. Just ATTEND CLASS, pay attention to your syllabus, and ease into the feeling of being back into class. Rushing things will stress you out more.
  • Set aside your schedule and sort out the days you can go out: I know if you read this website you party, so if you go to school and party, then just figure out the days that you can  party. Figure out the nights where you don’t have class too late, don’t have too much homework, studying, or an exam, and the nights where you now you can sleep in before class or no class. Just don’t get hammered the night before an 8am or even 10am or 11:30am in my opinion. It’s just too hard to wake up super hungover and go to class. Trust me, I’ve withdrawn from my Wednesday 8am before, and I’ve missed morning classes for various reasons all associated with blackin’ out aspects. Just don’t party when you shouldn’t be.
  • Pay Attention: Keep your head up, pay attention to your grades and class requirements as every semester differs and this affects your workload thus your partying load. So stay organized, because it can hep you get better grades by knowing when your assignments are, and allows you to know when you can either hit happy hour or hit the library.
  •  Have fun and get your drink on but keep your grades up, well, up enough so you don’t fail out. C’s get degrees and can’t spell ‘degree’ without a few D’s along the line so, stay responsible guys. Study heavy. Drink Heavy.


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Tommy Roel

What is Love? – My Belief of What Love is

Here we go again, another fairly different post from the regular Maxin’ Out N Blackin’ Out Posts, this one also relating to mental health and our souls, as I would like to explain to others what I believe love is, and how we can use love to better the world and the lives of people around us. Regular Maxin’ Out N Blackin’ Out Posts will resume soon enough, however I would like to share this post as I believe it will help people figure out my belief of what love truly is, and hopefully individuals can relate. Here we go again.


“What Is Love?”

What’s Love? What exactly is it? We tell each other we love each other all the time. People fall in love, they engage in relationships in which they profess such love to each other. But this love, the love I have, is different than falling in love. This love, is a word in which we use to simply tell others that we care. Being in love with somebody is different than the love for caring for others. Love, see, love is being there for the people you care about when they most need it. Love is waking back up at three or four AM just to make sure your person whom you care about is okay. Love is doing anything for others no matter what it does to you. Love is making people feel happier, reminding them of their incredible personalities, features, and other aptitudes and characteristics. Love is making people you care about smile and laugh. Love is surprising someone with something by showing them how much you care through wonderful actions. Regular love is the simplistic way of showing other human beings how much we care about them. People say you cannot love somebody else if you do not love yourself, and I can say from first-hand experience, that that is simply not true. Because I love all for whom I care about. So much, that I have so little love left inside of me to love myself. I give and give and give all of my love away to ensure the happiness of others for whom I care about, and I do so, so often that I simply run out of the love inside of me as I have given it away to so many others. And they deserve such love, because everybody deserves to be happy. And I want to be the one to deliver such smiles and happiness. Though I may self-destruct from the absence of self-love, I will remain as strong as I can, because I view myself as a sacrificial human being, dedicating my life to helping others and making sure that they feel loved. It is extremely difficult to live with on a constant basis as not being able to love yourself is an extreme difficulty. However, when it is all said and done and the sun is set, I will be content knowing that I have helped others become happy, and ultimately, I have prevented some sadness in this dark, challenging world. The world is dark, and I am just trying to bring some light back into the lives of people who need it. That, to me, is what love is.

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