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MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Package Deal Announcement:

This is a new project I am testing out and launching for the website. I want to try to provide all my skills for people in one big effort. Now though there is free advice on this website, this deal provides much more than that. Every aspect described will be carried out to its fullest extend and I intend to help people full time if possible. So anything regarding dieting or training and programming will be taken extremely seriously and will be specialized and designed specifically for the individual. Additionally I will make myself available as a 24/7 mental health hotline. Here is what is included in the deal;


MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Package Deals

Yearly MONBO Package

*One time payment of $250 or quarterly (every 4 months) payments of $63.33


  1. My MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC Phone Number for Contact
  2. A follow from my instagram @maxinoutandblackinout with the potential to have your lifting videos or modeling photos posted/previewed. Plus a follow from my powerlifting account @roel_powerlifting so you can see my powerlifting comeback.
  3. MONBO Gear / 5 chosen Products of Your size of any merchandise produced in the entire year – FREE shipping/handling plus USPS 2-day Priority mail. **Generalized Free 24/7 Lifting Advice. **Free 24/7 Powerlifting Coaching or Online Personal Training coaching and programming.
  4. Diet and Nutrition Coaching
  5. 24/7 Mental Health Consultant Aid Hotline; Talk to me if you need me.
  6. Access to receiving hidden and unreleased articles, or early peeks at articles that are in the making.
  7. You Get shoutouts on the website regarding modeling my clothes or regarding anyone’s business ventures and ideas.
  8. Any Additional Shirt Purchase beyond what is provided in the within the package will be 10% off.
  9. Access to Discount Codes.
  10. You gain the eligibility to submit an article to me for review, and then I may potentially post it on the website.
  11. Eligibility for anyone or any athletic sports team/athlete to be sponsored by MONBO. Sponsorships includes consistent shoutouts and discount codes.
  12. Copies Multiple CDs/Audio of me speaking throughout my mental health articles and experiences. Additionally, you will receive a CD or Mp3 files of every song or freestyle I’ve made, just for the fun of it.
  13. Lastly, You get to design and buy ONE special Monbo shirt, however you be would required to pay 50% of the cost due to high pricing on individualized shirts and logos.


Payment: PayPal Via Website, or I accept Venmo, Cashapp, Google Pay, and Zelle online. In person I accept Checks, Gift Cards, Pre-Paid Cards, and Cash.
SOON we will be accepting Debit or Credit.

Update on Clothing AND NEW LOGO BEANIES

New Yellow MaxinoutNBlackinout National Suicide Prevention shirts are out now! Check out my Instagram ( @maxinoutandblackingout ) page for updates and previews! or @roel_powerlifting for my fitness and lifting updates. Also, a new announcement; the OG Yellow Blue Logo Hoodies are coming back soon!

A sideways picture but whatever.

and NEW LOGOS ARE ANNOUNCED on black and white beanies with the original color scheme.

Roel Resources

This is a small shoutout to my Father, Ronald Roel whom owns an LLC called Roel Resources. His edits books, articles, etc. Contact him if you are ever interested in help with your writing career or editing on a book. My father has been consistent in helping me with this website and my career so I am very thankful for that and wanted to include that information on here. Also; more content and clothing coming soon.

Roel Resources is an editorial consulting firm specializing in successful aging. We focus on senior issues, but also provide useful information and solutions  for every generation. We stress “resourceful writing,” helping others  find fresh opportunities and break new ground, discovering a more rewarding life.

MONBO 2019: What to Expect

This is a short post updating the website. The last few months have been extremely difficult for me personally, and this has helped shaped my ideas for what I am going to deliver content wise with MaxinoutNBlackinout LLC. I am going to be writing about one or two posts a month, one regarding mental health and the other regarding lifting. In addition, much more clothes such as hoodies, joggers, leggings, and more will be coming out as well.

New Shirts are arriving!

New shirts are coming in! Also some OG logo shirts and 2 flags are being produced. Flag colors will consist of the traditional black/yellow/blue color-way. More Women’s pink tank tops are now available s-l. Pocket T’s with the logo on the back are arriving in white and black, and a new Daisy Yellow shirt is being launched alongside with a limited edition Fourth of July Stars and Stripes color-way logo shirt are coming in. Here is additional information and the pictures if the new color-way


1.25 Women’s Light Pink Tank Tops  – 10 s, 10 M, 5 L
2. 10 Original Logo Shirts – 5 Large White (red black logo), 5 Large Black (yellow, blue logo)
3. 10 New color scheme – Yellow shirt, maxinout = teal, blackinout= black, N= gray; regarding the color way for logo)
4. 25 pocket T shirts: White and black pocket T’s with the Logo’s on the pocket: Ex. Black T with regular yellow/blue logo on it, white pocket t  with red black logo color way) 10 M White and Black, 10 White and Black L, 3 xl, 2 xxl
 5. 15 White Tee’s with the logo in an American flag stripes and stars color way filling in around the red lettering. 15 m 15 L