Monthly Archives: May 2022

It Is Mental Health Awareness Month

It is Mental Health Awareness Month, as many know, So I wanted to post something before the month was over.

This is called “Being Human,” written by Tommy Roel (myself).

This piece is dedicated to reminding everyone that they matter and that your existence as a human being makes you inherently beautiful and IMPORTANT no matter what anybody says or think. We are all human beings. It’s time we learn to love our imperfections as well.

Being Human

If you don’t like who I am then that’s all-good cause that’s your opinion, But i will absolutely never ever even fuckin think about changing myself for someone like you, because the best anyone can ever fuckin be, is themselves. No matter what you’ve always got you. Fuck what other dickheads think man. Never change yourself because no matter what you are, you’re a human being, just like everyone else, you’re yourself. And that’s all right 

And after all you know, there’s one like you, you’re one of a kind and nobody else out there’s exactly like you, they may have the same name or eye color or skin tone but they will never be exactly you. That’s fucking important, so be the greatest you that you ever could be because there will never ever be anyone else like you again. But also remember that whatever you end up being, you’re going to be an alright one. Because just like me and everyone else. You’re human. you’re you. And that’s alright.