The Gym Is more than Just a Place to Train

The gym, no matter which gym I attend out of the various gyms I go to or have been to, i get the same relief and same feeling every time I walk in. Thats because to me, the gym is more than just a place to workout. Its more than a place to train for powerlifting. Obviously I work as hard as I physically can in the gym to get the best gains I can, however, attending the gym to improve my gains is not the only reason I go. The gym for me, is an atmosphere where I can relax. Every workout, despite the difficulty, provides a physical and mental relief and release for me, especially after a stressful day often times filled with Anxiety. It relieves my stress and is a medicine for me whenever I go through difficult times. Not only that, it is physically healthy for me as it helps me stay in the best shape I can. ¬†Additionally, it is a place where I get to meet many gym friends whom I have bonded with over the years and can shoot the shit with throughout periods of rest in-between sets. We get to know each other better, exchange lifting advice, and talk about many other things in life. I get to know some individuals so well that some gym friends end up becoming some of my best friends. It is a place where I can chase my passion and get my gains while I relieve stress and anxiety whilst meeting some of my best friends as well. The gym represents an entire chunk of my life and means so much more than fitness to me. It means health, fitness, friendship, knowledge, and is even a second home to me. Don’t Just go to the gym to lift, go to the gym to find many other of the benefits that a great gym can provide.

  • Tommy Roel
  • Maxin’ Out
  • By the way, the featured image as a header is Me back in about 2014 when I met Kai Greene at Bev’s Francis Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY.

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